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A generation ago, many people shaped their routines around a 9:00-to-5:00 work schedule. On Santa Cruz's West Side, thousands of workers punched a clock at the Lipton Tea, Wrigley's gum, and Texas Instrument plants.

Those manufacturing plants and the jobs they supported are now gone, along with predictable work hours and long commutes from home to work.

Today, a modern convergence of work life and daily living is emerging on the West Side's Delaware Avenue.

Instead of 9-5, it's 24/7.

Instead of trying to lure back the fading and outsourced industries of the past, it's cultivating the local entrepreneurial and creative spirit that is part of Santa Cruz's unique vibe ?and the cornerstone of its economic future.

And instead of cars, commutes, and carbon footprints, it's green in every sense of the word, from tree-lined pedestrian streets and bike-friendly paths, to access to public transit, to solar panels and water-conserving landscapes.

By design, the Delaware Addition project responds to the way we want to live today ?and the way we will be living in the future. It balances work space, living space, and shopping and recreation in one convenient, flexible, and environmentally conscious location.

It's a modern Santa Cruz version of the age-old (and successful) village concept ?a natural extension of the very things that draw people to this distinctive one-of-a-kind place.


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